Travel Opportunities


The Peralta Community College District offers various study abroad programs that also allow you to gain college credit. Rather you have you have all your lower division credits or already have your degree - I personally still encourage you to sign up. What’s a little extra credits going to hurt? One of their programs gave me my first abroad trip and it was amazing! They usually look for participants in December so please check the link below to find out the dates of upcoming meetings and applications!

Worldpackers is an unique platform that connects people (18+) who want to travel. Different hosts all around the world who are working on various projects and willing to exchanging skills for accommodation. Some projects are PAID and some host are actual organizations not just regular people.

Workaway offers travelers (18+) to connect to various traveling opputurnites - such as; volunteering, family exchange, homestays, farmstays, and many more. Some opportunities are PAID, many offer food, and all offer housing.

This page will be updated whenever I gain new information on traveling opportunities!