Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

Than cannot fly

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow – Langston Hughes

My Perspective

         My concrete jungle, my sanctuary, my comfort zone – Oakland has done all it can for me. It taught me culture, it taught me humility, and supported me in my growth. It gave me the drive and now I strive to see what more this world must offer.

         I fell in love with traveling – maybe because of the people or more so the knowledge they had to offer. Maybe because of the different views or more so the stars. Yes, the stars in the sky because my city’s lights are too bright, and the stars can’t compete with all the street lights in my concrete jungle. So, when I’m away I spend all day excited for the night so I can admire their lights.

         But back to the people… I love talking to everyone, from the doctors to the drunks. Each one has a story to tell and a lesson to confront. I want to meet them, I want to listen, I want to learn. I want to travel the world and come back to my comfort zone to tell the kids over here that they're no different from the kids over there. That society is against them too! Together, I want to combine our dreams with the theme of stopping oppression.

         I want to see every part of the world, especially the parts my people were taken from or left to tend to. Africa – Haiti – Brazil – and even here in the United States too. We built so much, why can’t I admire it? Should finance be the only way to acquire it? What if I said, “I have a dream!” but had not a dollar to achieve it. You think a Pepsi could fix that too? Or maybe Gates and his Forbes friends would see this and say, “Hey, why just visit? You can have the piece I own! Diamonds all gone and the people are dried out, not much money left to pull out.”


Hello Everyone!

         Thanks for checking out my website! I am sure you are wondering – who is Anastasia and where is she traveling to?

         Well I am YOUNG, BLACK, AND EVERYWHERE! A twenty-two-year-old Senior at San Francisco State University, who loves to travel – both internationally and domestically. I love meeting new people, trying new things, learning about different cultures and their past. My love for traveling started when I was just five-years-old and would travel with my grandmother back and forth from California to Texas. Those trips opened my eyes to the world outside of my small city and inspired me to want to see everything the world has to offer.

         Now that I am older, I am attempting to put my dream of traveling into action! I plan on traveling EVERYWHERE! I initially created this website to share my experiences and inspire others to travel or just simply follow their own dreams! 

In the near-future I plan on transforming my Young, Black, & Everywhere platform into a program for youth in my community who have previously been a part of the Juvenile Justice System. The purpose will be to give youth who have been a part of the Juvenile Justice System the opportunity to experience the world from a different perspective, gain new knowledge, and understand that the world is much bigger than the community they live in. 

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